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It's Wedding Season...! HashtagBooth is Excited

Wedding season is upon us again! With the warm summer breeze and beautiful array of flowers springing to life, it’s no wonder that this time of year is so popular for weddings. If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, you’d be more than aware of the abundance of decisions and costs involved in the day. It’s important for your wedding to be perfect, and to be memorable for both you and your guests. A Photo booth is the perfect entertainment that everyone will enjoy.

As great as it is to have professional photography at your wedding, the unique atmosphere and excitement surrounding your guests is often lost. Hashtagbooth ensures that these special moments are captured, so that you can continue to reflect on them long after your wedding day.

Hashtagbooth offers 2 types of booth, modern & vintage, along with our premium props that come with our photo booth allows even more enchantment and entertaining snaps to be captured. Customize your #hashtag so for easy search functions thru social media.

We bring a fun, funky atmosphere to your day of celebrations.

Get in contact with us today, and ensure your photo booth is ready for your special day.

We travel throughout the GTA and bring the fun along with us so you and your guest will have a memorable night!

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